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    Getting to Sweden

    There’s no boats to sweden or denmark any longer. You have to take a ferry to holland or france, and take a ferry to gothenburg, or drive.
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    Fuel injector pump shaft key

    If the has broken, likely it has damaged the shaft or pully.
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    AC intermittent

    Clutch gap is the gap between the clutch plate on the front of the copressor. Youve seen it pull in, then youll see the gap before the bit that pulls in, pulls in.
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    AC intermittent

    Check your clutch gap
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    Help! Horrible rear axle noises

    If the propshaft hasnt been off for a long time, then how do you know the uj’s are good? You cant tell by just giving them a yank whilst mounted.
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    Help! Horrible rear axle noises

    Are you sure its not the rear brake shoes? Sometimes the material rusts/falls of the shoes and either locks the wheel, or rattles about catching every so often.
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    Sounds like the diesel is draining back. Havve you tried pumping the primer after its been stood a few days?
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    AC compressor oil quantity

    What are you doing? Dry fill, replacement of parts, new system?
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    1993 80 - likely to be a rust bucket?

    Its hard to trust traders that openly write on their adverts their weak warranty conditions, when they know full well there are pretty strong consumer laws covering car sales.
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    I just googled as it says account suspended
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    80 Series starts but repeatedly cuts out - 4.5 petrol.

    Some old style immobilisers would let the engine run a few seconds. It was probably an aftermarket fit back in the day. And the fact you can get a code for it kinda points in that direction.
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    New to this.. Should we buy a 2007 with this much rust and 200k?

    Its a rotten as a pear. You need one from outside the rust belt.
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    LC100 rusted undercarriage/frame..?

    Where is it located, that will tell you if its rusty or not.
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    Coolant leak into passenger footwell.

    I did this job about 10 years ago because I got a whiff of anitfreeze every so often, and the level dropped very slowly. Basically everything in front of you, when sat in the front seats, has to come out, although the steering column just needs dropping down. Its not a pleasant job, but not...
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    Auto Gearbox Oil Flow

    If there’s no oil flow its because the pumps isnt working. You wont be suffering an air lock as its a positive displacement pump.
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