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    Yep "ditto"........... Paul is excellent ....
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    80 in the new terminator

    opps try this one -
  3. denboy

    80 in the new terminator
  4. denboy

    5th Gear Ratio Change suitable for Landcruiser HDJ VDJ 76 78 79

    Yep - very nice bit of kit but not sure about the 'gap' though between 4th and the extended 5th for the country lanes ... rather think a 6 speed would be better.. but it does depend how many of us use the motorway extensively for long runs.... I can use the current 5th gear happily on most roads...
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    Is anyone running an ARB twin wheel carrier with barn doors?

    Is this more a question of - how far the wheels on the 'hangers' fold back and therefore how far you can open the rear doors?? I run with twin real wheels on the back - but have the lift up, drop down rear hatches... happy to take a photo of how far the wheels fold back when open,,,
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    Koni Shocks

    Currently got them on the truck in the picture.... tried high end Fox's - blew one out the top and they didn't honor their warranty - so told them to sod off then and swapped them all out and binned them, put in a temp set - got some very expensive ones from USA - they were crap... went to...
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    If it was possible

    And who are they - any links ??
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    Portable Ice Maker

    Somehow - I don't think buying bags of ice in some regions would be good idea... you never know where the water came from... I know it's not as bad as it used to be and you will have your own karsy on the truck.... The other option... and this might be tad 'out there' .... but some people use...
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    My 80

    My wife moans that the 80 is way to big for her to drive... but when you park up next to some of the Range Rovers/ X5 - there isn't much in it.
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    split rims expensive - but one of if not the best...
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    For Sale: RHD and LHD Brand New Land Cruisers all around the world.

    Try TOMS in Germany -
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    Got myself yet another toy........

    Congrates - Well done to Holly - Say goodbye to 8 hours a night sleep and say hello to 3 hours a night sleep.... you can add the exploding nappy story to your repertoire.... LOL - no more nights out down the pub... Seriously - well done.... happy for both of you...
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    Mission Murmansk - The Kola Peninsula Sept 2018

    hot damn - I am absolutely s0dding envious of you lot.... that looks like a proper off road experience... that trip gives you guys 'top beer bragging rights' at the next Linwood meeting...
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    Sad day fatality - dog run over :-(

    I really feel for you - two dogs myself and yes they can be a real pain sometimes but I love them to bits and I've cried like a baby when I had to have our previous two to sleep for different reasons. I've also be devastated if I hit a dog on the road - my wife is very very animal friendly (must...
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