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    Farewell ratrace and rest in peace .

    Sad news indeed :disappointed:
  2. Gav Peter

    Homework project

    That's ace :clap::clap::clap:
  3. Gav Peter

    Roof rack / Roof bars - Aluminium slats

    I drew up a roof rack from aluminium tube & used some profiled extrusions from Aalco's range of extrusions. It was something like the M101 Worked well :cool:
  4. Gav Peter

    Whatever happened to the build thread forum?

    Were the posts just discarded then Chris?
  5. Gav Peter

    Whatever happened to the build thread forum?

    Didn't we used to have a forum for build threads, Rig of the Month or sommat like that? Is it still here tucked away somewhere? Cheers Gav
  6. Gav Peter

    LJ70 Build Thread!

    You never cease to amaze me fella...
  7. Gav Peter

    Aftermarket Alloys/Big Tyres

    My hundy is running Toyo Open Country A/T size LT285/75/R18 at the moment. PO fitted them along with 2" suspension lift & 40/50mm body lift. Re-geared it & added an electronic speed correction thingy! If you look in the My Garage for Jon Wildsmith you'll find a good read :sunglasses: I am...
  8. Gav Peter

    Ignition barrel replacement

    So, its not the barrel that's broken, its the shaft behind it that has snapped... Cheapo monkey metal... Struggling to get it out at the moment but its more having the time to do it - hundy is stranded in the work carpark :laughing:
  9. Gav Peter

    Ignition barrel replacement

    Hey KW, Simon Holton has given me 89073-60212. He's also given me a locksmith company down south to try for a repair. You wouldn't have a hundy ignition barrel kicking about would you? Cheers
  10. Gav Peter

    Ignition barrel replacement

    Update: Canex, you need to know what is up & what is down! Button is underneath the assembly :laughing::laughing::laughing: I have extracted the barrel & the long brass coloured arm sticking out the end on your pictures does not move up when the key is turned... The electrical connector I...
  11. Gav Peter

    Ignition barrel replacement

    Okay, my barrel has failed. I have the trims off but struggling with what to press... There is a white plastic thing where your red circles are Canex which look like an electrical connector but I am very good at breaking things like this so am being cautious at the moment! Any further...
  12. Gav Peter

    cathastrophic brake failure

    Thanks Jon, I'll get it into them when they are less busy for a look over. He's driving as he ever did so I'm wondering if there was a bit of water got into it & caused a gremlin...
  13. Gav Peter

    cathastrophic brake failure

    Pulled into the garage car park this morning to get the ole tub of crap looked at (driving with that bluddy alarm ringing away isn't good for the tinnitus!!!) & the dashboard illuminations disappear & the alarm stops ffs... I know the garage is pulled out with work & staff shortage so I decided...
  14. Gav Peter

    cathastrophic brake failure

    Nice one SC - I'm booked in to have the codes investigated on Monday & will go from there :-)
  15. Gav Peter

    cathastrophic brake failure

    Ours just did the exact same thing Rein last night with the missus driving the youngest to gymnastics :-( The brakes haven't failed but it sounds imminent... Have you sourced the replacement yet? £2.5K ffs... Cheers dawg Gav
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