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    KZJ78W - Water intrusion

    Hi folks, Having an issue with water venting from the ports on left and right side of center console (fwd of shifters). Mostly coming from right side port and entire right side floor-bed is damp. My initial thinking is it’s a clogged AC drain. I have attached pictures of the port. Has anyone...
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    4WD will not engage (1994 KZJ78W Prado)

    *UPDATE* Hi guys thanks for the responses…took to my mechanic for scheduled maintenance and mentioned the seized shifter. He was able to free it up! From what he explained, he disconnected the linkage going to the transmission, lubed the f out of it and put under heat to eventually loosen it...
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    4WD will not engage (1994 KZJ78W Prado)

    ***UPDATE*** So I was able to get H4 working…figured out that if you hold H4 button for 2-3 sec (maybe bad contacts??) the light will eventually come on and could actually feel the system engage and drive around in H4. However, shifter still will not budge, so I’m not able to engage L4…checked...
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    4WD will not engage (1994 KZJ78W Prado)

    Copy all! Will take a look today at all of the above and report back. H
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    4WD will not engage (1994 KZJ78W Prado)

    Hi all, This is my first post ever and super noob to LCs and 4x4s in general. Just had my 1994 J78 Prado imported from Japan mainland and basically my 4wd lever does not budge…hub lock light comes on after pushing button but 4WD light does not illuminate after pushing H4 button and stick...
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    Hello, Just bought a ‘94 KZJ78W Prado and it’s currently being shipped from mainland Japan to Okinawa where I reside. I am new to Land Cruisers, and only know basics about auto repair…looking forward to gaining knowledge from this forum! Cheers, H