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hopeless wanderer

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  • Hi..can I just check to see if I read correctly that you recently'ish converted the 24v starter to 12V? Was it an easy operation and did nyou follow the guidelines on the forum? Thanks

    I'm sure they're fine i just wanted to avoid the expense and that id look like every other 80 around. Ive had to go for their fridge i think but ive dodged the winch bumper and gone for tjm , The rear bumper im going for 4x4 labs as they look great.
    If i had the time id design a lot of stuff myself in the spirit of Chris and the grey ghost
    But im busy busy busy
    Hiya I noticed on your signature reference to ARB kit, may I ask why? Mostly I think it to be quite high quality, is that not your experience? I only have the Ome suspension and ARB lockers to my experience, ( for me, good) best regards, Bill Westley
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