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    Troopy/ 78 tip over angle?

    As you mentioned above, so many variables to take into consideration here... tyre size, body lift, roof-rack installed? etc etc. Even the level your fuel tanks are at will make an impact. Also as kind of alluded to above, its not really a metric that determines your tipping point, but the...
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    HZJ 78 setup

    Cheers, works well for us. Here is a photo of the rear seat, which is actually from a Renault E-Space, as there were no seat belt points in the rear of the troopy. To the left of the seat is polystyrene wine bottle storage. Thats a pretty important adiition :)
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    HZJ 78 setup

    Hello everybody. I noticed there's not so many new threads in this particular forum, so with a bit of extra time on my hands I thought I'd share some pictures of what we've got going on with our troopy. Firstly some background; I use this vehicle periodically for work also, hauling various...
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    A 1992 75 Series Troopy build: Advice and help will be needed

    Nice! A right hand drive vehicle in the US though :) All the best!
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    Troopy 78 Owners Manual pdf?

    Hello all anyone have a pdf (or other format) copy of a Troopy 78 Owner Manual - ideally pre 2007. Thanks I also have a (paper) copy of the workshop repair manual for Landcruiser models (70, 80, 105 series) equipped with HZJ/ HDTE/ HDT engines. Though it is too large to scan it and post it...
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    Safari tour cruisers

    Definitely NOT a Toyota thing :)) They're customised for safari operators in Africa. I had the link for the company that does them but seem to have lost it somehow. I can imagine they are impossible to road register in Europe anyway :)
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    79 GXL Traction Control Fuse?

    Sorry, unhelpful reply.... but I reckon it's such a bummer the way the 70 series has gone these days. Traction control? Seriously? I guess Toyota needed to put it in for the ANCAP rating. Refreshing to hear somebody bought a 79 for farm work. Thats what it was designed for after all. I admit I...
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    Landcruiser HZJ78R Deathwobble

    On my troopy at 75-85kph it was tyres, wheel balance, and alignment. All sorted. But you've done that....
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    Ok it’s all sorted out. I’ll post the answer here so it may help somebody else in the future. The switch in the cabin (one of those illuminating LED switches) in the off position was earthing the positive = short circuit. Simple fix by disconnecting the ground from the cabin switch, which means...
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    The very interesting thing is, the fuse blows even when the cabin switch is in the off position. So it would not be possible to be in series. I’m convinced it’s a short circuit but I have been over the dam thing top to bottom with a multimeter and not detected anything to indicate a short.
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    Hi all. I have a little problem that I’m finding quite interesting, if not frustrating. My electrical setup in my HZJ78 is a lead acid cranking battery under the bonnet, connected to the CTEK smartpass DCDC system, connected to a 110aH AGM located in the cabin. From the AGM I have a feed...
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    1HZ swap info

    The 1HZ was originally designed for Toyota’s mini bus, but eventually earmarked for the evolution of the 70 series landcruiser models. Subsequent evolutions of the 1HZ are the turbo fitted variants 1HD-T, 1HD-FT, & 1HD-FTE, the latter two being 24 valve versions. In my opinion these are the...
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    1HZ swap info

    I dont know the answer to your exact question. But I've owned the 4500cc petrol powered 79 pickup whilst living in the middle east, and currently own a 1HZ powered troop carrier in europe. Both 2009 produced models. Both absolutely identical in the cabin and engine bay (apart from the obvious...
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    Just changed my front rotor and bearings and cannot fit circlip

    Good on ya mate. Sorted. But for others reading this thread I had a similar problem once upon a time. The problem was a previous owner had put cheap aftermarket CV's in. Too short! Original Toyota 78 CV's were ordered and installed and problem solved.
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    HZJ 75 Aftermarket hub help

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