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Sep 14, 2018
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Hello everybody. I noticed there's not so many new threads in this particular forum, so with a bit of extra time on my hands I thought I'd share some pictures of what we've got going on with our troopy.
Firstly some background; I use this vehicle periodically for work also, hauling various machinery and components to inaccessible locations, so it was important to be able to quickly and efficiently convert from a touring setup to a working vehicle. Luckily the drawer setup serves both purposes quite well, though releasing 6 buttonhead screws I'm able to remove the kitchen drawer and replace it with a more utilitarian drawer when in work mode. Likewise the roofrack is a versatile addition for both leisure and work, so no worries there.
Behind the drivers seat there is a 50l tank for water, and this can be filled from any water source via the 3 way ball valves just inside the rear barn doors on the right side. The pump can draw water from a depth of 15m, and goes through a fine and coarse filter before filling the tank. We power a 2 burner cooker and an instant water heater from a small LPG bottle mounted obove the spare wheel. On the left side of the drawer setup are 5 x 12v & USB outlets running off a 105aH AGM battery. Fridge is a 60l ARB which is plenty for a couple of weeks in the mediterranean. RTT is a GordyGear (165cm), australian made and we are very happy with it, insofar as it is very comfortable for 2 adults and a child, and hasn't failed to keep us dry in some pretty extreme weather conditions so far!
We mostly tour europe with another family who own a HZJ76, as we are based in central europe, so nothing too extreme for arctic or tropical environments. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


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    camp setup.jpg
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Nice setup and truck Kimbo. Looks like you got it all
Planned out well and making great use of it.

Thanks for sharing.
That looks ace. Any photos of the rear seat/seats? Always interesting to see how people travel with kids.
Cheers, works well for us. Here is a photo of the rear seat, which is actually from a Renault E-Space, as there were no seat belt points in the rear of the troopy. To the left of the seat is polystyrene wine bottle storage. Thats a pretty important adiition :)
rear seat.jpg
Thanks for sharing Kimbo. Always nice to see things in action. Can I ask where you sourced your 78 from?
That looks great , do you flip a coin to decide who does the washing up when its raining :lol:
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I've just done two weeks around northern Europe staying with friends and family and in B&Bs. The 100 has been formidable in every way but I can't stop thinking how good it would be to have a self-contained vehicle that seats and sleeps three in comfort with no towing and minimal setup, especially for quick stops in towns and cities. That will be the next project.
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