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    Another medal

    Nice going Chas! What bow do you shoot? I've got a pretty good selection of custom trad bows myself - Schafer Silvertip recurve, Windaur Wolverine longbow, Shrew longbow and a few custom jobs by small bowyers. Mostly hunting bows, but beautiful none the less. I've recently started shooting an...
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    Oh good lawd, what has happened here...

    First time I've seen a fetish for checker plate. Think I can now say I've seen everything. :D
  3. Leopard

    Website addreses and hosting

    Hi Paul GoDaddy can do the whole lot from domain setup to hosting to email. Their prices and good and they're reliable. I've used them a lot in the past. They should have tutorials for setting up a domain and email. The company that you use for your web design will probably need to have a...
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    Salisbury Plain

    I'd be up for that if I'm around. What you got in mind, Warren?
  5. Leopard

    HJ47 'Troopie'

    Jonnie, that's a beaut mate! :)
  6. Leopard

    Overlander Show

    Agreed! It actually had a nice range of vehicles and people. I really enjoyed seeing the VWs as well. They looked great and looked like a lot of fun! Wander if you could fit a Toyota engine in one.... ;)
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    Overlander Show

    Thanks Pete! I love that truck. Wouldn't trade it for anything! :) Probably not wrong there mate. You always have to question when they won't even give you an indication of price on any marketing material or in conversation. I asked and she said that they quoted upon selection of specs and...
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    Overlander Show

    Yeah I think so. I'm in Newbury, so it was about a 1.5 hour drive for me. There's some good cider and Zebra burgers too. :)
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    Overlander Show

    Was there today. Was nice to meet Julian V and Andrew St. Pierre White. Some interesting stuff there. Putty I wasn't able to stay the night. Would have been good to hook up with others. A few photos from my iPhone: I was impressed with that Mercedes by Bliss Mobil - very well done inside...
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    Overlander Show

    My brother and I will be there tomorrow. Coming up in the Troopy. :) See you guys there.
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    Rav4 ?

    My grandparents in South Africa have one of the newer Ravs. Not sure of exact age, but would guess it at about 5-8 years. They absolutely love it. They travel all over SA - Kruger, family farm in Limpopo Province, Natal, Cape, even taken it over to Moz a few times and through Swaziland several...
  12. Leopard

    Weekend in Derbyshire

    Nice! Neat and unique wedding vehicles and your truck looks great!
  13. Leopard

    Karpaten niva tour 2013. Part I (lots of photos)

    Great photos! Looks like you had a good trip! Thanks for taking the time to share! Nice to see some Ladas. :) I used to own a Lada Niva. I have very find memories of that vehicle.
  14. Leopard

    Aus v SA Rugby

    Great game! Absolutely walked over the Aussies! :)
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