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    105 FSM

    Hi James - I need your email address to share the file with you on dropbox. Send it to me at robcsadams [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll connect
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    Issues with the gearbox in 1HZJ 105.

    Jambo, Patrick, from down the road in Nairobi. I can't help with the why, but I can tell you that mine (1999 105 HZ manual) does exactly the same. My fundi changed the gearbox oil recently to precisely the grade Toyota specify, and that's made it a lot better, but it still slips out from time to...
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    moving to Kenya, intend to import a 33 years old cruiser

    Hey Stephane - are you in Kenya now? I'm on 0735 895 515 - give me a call if you're here. Best regards Rob
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    105 FSM

    Scott - I've put my 105 FSMs on dropbox - email me at robcsadams [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll send you a link so you can download.
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    battery charging with two batteries...

    Ok - I'm not in Nairobi (or Harare) at the moment, but I am confident of the following: 1: Both my 80 series and my 105 are 12 volt NOT 24 volt. Both originally only had one battery when I bought them. 2: Both have two 75Ah (I think) batteries installed - and fitted by competent mechanics. 3...
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    battery charging with two batteries...

    As a matter of interest - what damage would you expect this to have done? It doesn't, as yet, appear to have done any damage, which is interesting and slightly surprising.
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    battery charging with two batteries...

    Um, yes. So it does. Interesting. This is exactly how my 12v 80 series has been wired, for 150,000 kms and over 8 years. So when I got the 105, I just did the same thing. Of course it's still 12v electrics all the way through. I'm away from Kenya at the moment. Looks like I better get the...
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    battery charging with two batteries...

    Fantastic. Thank you. You're a star. :) R
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    battery charging with two batteries...

    I've been away for work for a while, and Pam (my 1998 105 Standard spec LC) was a bit sluggish to start when I got home. So I've connected my Optimate 3+ conditioner/charger which I will leave connected for 24 hours or so (I don't have a fast charger). I have two 70Ah batteries, in series...
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    Bring it back

    There's still a BA Concorde parked near the main BA maintenance hangar on the south side of Heathrow. Still beautiful as ever. There's an early prototype at Yeovilton in Somerset that you can walk through; another at Duxford, one more at Filton, near Bristol. I've seen AF models at Orly, Charles...
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    Comment by 'Robzimbo' in media '2_28409848596_o'

    I know that mosque! That's Faisal masjid in Islamabad - I lived just round the corner from there, 25 years ago. Very cool picture.
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    Should i buy this car

    It all depends on how it's been looked after, Mike. If she's been regularly serviced (most would say oil change every 5,000km, filters every 10,000kms is good practice) and it's not been abused, at 255k it's not even half way through its life. The in-line 6 is an awesome lump. I've never had a...
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    Irishman in Australia

    Welcome, Josh - good to have you on board the board... I might ping you some questions about driving across Asia (since from your profile pic I see you managed to get your car into Burma) in the next couple of weeks. I saw you get barked at by Richard over there on the other page about central...
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    Recommended Tyre sizes,

    And here's the answer to the question. Brilliant little app.
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    Recommended Tyre sizes,

    Hey, Shane - over the past 15 years my Cruisers have got through lots of BFGs, a couple of rotations of Bridgestone Desert Duellers, and some Pirelli Scorpions. A mix of fast tar, round town (with epic African pot-holes), and probably more than average off road ranging from desert to volcanic...
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