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    Write up for Handbrake modification.

    Still pleased with the mod? Seriously thinking to do this! Thanks.

    Looking for a spotlight mounting bar

    From experience, that bumper mount isn't very strong and will allow the lights to wobble. You'll need to brace it elsewhere - possibly with some spotlight stays back to the slam panel. Excuse my ignorance Doodle, what is a slam panel please?

    Electric Headlamp Adjust when loaded - help needed pls?

    Thanks Chris - been out spraying already - giving it overnight to soak and will see if there is any change. I any of your manuals, do you have drawings or diagrams of the set up - beginning to think these adjusters were only fitted to European models and maybe that is why it doesn't feature in...

    Electric Headlamp Adjust when loaded - help needed pls?

    Thanks MODVRS Been in the garage looking, one moves perfectly and the other moves a fraction. So I need to grease or service it. Need info if anybody has any please?

    Electric Headlamp Adjust when loaded - help needed pls?

    Hi All, Went to adjust my headlights the other day because of a big weight in the back. When I rotated the switch on the dash one headlight responded and one did not. In the downloaded manual I have, there is not mention of this mechanism. Before I start removing headlights etc to investigate...

    Overlanding with kids - A Scandinavian adventure - TRIP REPORT

    Awesome pics! Lovely photos and a great to read thread. Thank you.

    Greetings from Romania...

    Welcome aboard Razvan - :text-welcomewave:

    Cross country ultimate top mount intercooler.

    Plucking up courage to start the hole in the bonnet?

    Viscous coupling for fan

    No great experience with L.C's, but I really studied all that was written about the advantages of electric fans when I had my Suzuki Samurai offroader. I fitted a Kenlowe and all was well until I went on a long offroad holiday and it died in the remotest possible place! I managed to get it...

    Romania - Clive's House and Excursions

    WOW some achievement! Belated birthday greetings to Aurel......just one question though how come he isn't wearing a Toyota hat of some kind?? :tonguewink:;););)

    G’day from South Aus

    Hi Dave - welcome to the forum.

    Air con re-gas

    Got mine re-gassed today, first time since I bought the L.C eighteen months ago, 30 Euros or about 26 squid. He told me the a.c rad was in poor condition and I really should think about changing it by next summer.

    Paint correction like a pro - at last !!!

    Nice work Shane! Looking good go and scratch it on some bushes! :-) I wax "BFT" but use either water from a Deionised bottle to rince/air dry or use a 50/50 mix of Sonax Brillaint Shine Detailer and Serious Performance Ultra Gloss Show Detailer V3...

    Yes sorry, another - but different elec aerial problem!

    OK module removed and replacement from eBay fitted. Exactly the same problem. Begining to think that it may just be the radio itself - need to borrow one for a test! GRRR!

    New to Land Cruisers

    Welcome to the forum Semi nice truck. If you are in the Vegas area, do you know of the "Desert Ratz" they went quiet for a while but are building the group up again. If you meet them, please say hello to Mark Diamond and Tom Duncan etc. A great crowd and good fun.
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