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    It came yesterday .

    Indeed, I now use a torque wrench on all my wheel nuts on all vehicles, as does my son on his car. Lesson learnt
  2. TonyP

    It came yesterday .

    Ah, now there's a interesting story behind that....
  3. TonyP

    It came yesterday .

    Had them refurbed by a place in Letchworth. Zero miles on them when that pic was taken. Think it was £300 for all 5 alloys, plus they fitted the new rubber and balanced. Can't complain. I should have changed the nuts and covers at the same time... Hey ho
  4. TonyP

    It came yesterday .

    I have the GG AT3's on my 120 and pleased with them. Would have preferred BFG's but price swung it for me. 95% of my driving is on road so good enough for me.
  5. TonyP

    Another new one.

    Congrats, another potential LC nut joins the club :dance:
  6. TonyP

    An Ultra slow Ultra4 build

    Nice on Ryan
  7. TonyP

    Turbo for 4.2 litre IHD-FTE

    I will never take the turbo off my 120 again. Although not difficult, it's a chore with everything that needs to come off.
  8. TonyP

    2007 120 for sale

    I think 2007 were OK, but get the chassis number and check. There is a thread on here somewhere that gives the range of effected numbers
  9. TonyP

    This is all a tad familiar!!!

    Some jobs are so much fun that they just need repeating :laughing-rolling:
  10. TonyP

    Advice on 120.

    Not sure if they will fit, I vaguely recall someone fitting 16" 80 wheels, but they had to trim the brake callipers...
  11. TonyP

    Advice on 120.

    Rust, noisy injectors I have 265/70/17 on mine and they can rub a bit at full lock, but nothing to worry about. Not sure about the 75 profile
  12. TonyP

    Fuel ?

    I had a leak on my motorbike fuel tank where the sender was placed. Garage used a fuel resistant sealer, never had issues again. Just get the correct sealant and it should be fine,l.
  13. TonyP

    Decent Landcruiser spares guy

    Indeed, Karl is a rare breed, top bloke :cool:
  14. TonyP

    Heated Seats

    Yup, mine broke too.... Its a fair old job to change the heating pads, and I don't even want to hazard a guess as to cost... They can stay as is
  15. TonyP

    120 Invincible,what years and spec. ?

    If memory serves, the LC3 5 door was about £30k, and LC5 £35k
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