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Halfords discount for club members 2016-06-20

Halfords discount for club members!

  1. Crispin

    Halfords have given Land Cruiser Club members 10% discount on everything in-store!!!

    For the past few weeks I’ve been talking to the guys at Halfords about us and have managed to secure a trade discount for us.

    They’ve agreed to give us a 10% discount on everything(!!!) in store.

    Trade discounts are normally reserved for, well, those in the trade but after much discussion I convinced them that we’re a decent bunch of people who do a lot of maintenance ourselves.

    It’s a trial, valid till the end of July and if it works, i.e. the discount is used a lot, they will make it a permanent thing where I can offer the discount to club members.

    This is, I am told, valid for everything in-store; tools, consumables, sat-navs, bicycles, car products etc.

    So, please print the voucher or keep it on your phone and when you’re next in Halfords you can scan it and get 10% discount. :D

    The more we use it, the more likely it is that it’ll be made a permanent addition for us!