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  1. R

    What is this for?

    Hi all, Just wonder what is this? The button ? The speaker looking sides? Is it something to do with the alarm and if so, how does it work? Thanks in advance
  2. D

    A Pillar removal with SRS Air Bag

    Morning all, Have a new headset which is also DAB so have one of the windscreen DAB aerials to install. Anyone removed the passenger A pillar cover with Air Bag? After a bit of advice to make sure I don’t damage the airbag on removal/re-installation. Anyone done this? Got photos? Got...
  3. D

    Awning on 120LWB - Question: 2m or 2.5m?

    Okay, I’m going to take the plunge and treat myself to an awning to mount to the trusted 120 as I’m banking on us being able to drive further than the end of the road soon! but ..... I’m unable to decide on 2m or 2.5m (length along the truck). I would like the largest possible but not sure if...