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Awning on 120LWB - Question: 2m or 2.5m?


Apr 12, 2020
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Okay, I’m going to take the plunge and treat myself to an awning to mount to the trusted 120 as I’m banking on us being able to drive further than the end of the road soon! but ..... I’m unable to decide on 2m or 2.5m (length along the truck).

I would like the largest possible but not sure if 2.5m is just that little too long for overhang?

Do any of you have pics of either length actually mounted to a 120 so I can see “in real life”.?

Pics / comments / suggestions / real life experiences all very welcome.

2.5m is pretty long on many vehicles. Remember of course that you can still go 2.0 but then opt for the 2.5m pull out. Pretty sure there are some members on here with 120s and awning so you'll get some help. There may be a bit of fetling to fit one if you don't have a roof rack. The roof curves and iirc so do the roof rails? I had a 120 but never fitted an awning myself.

Further questions for you - worth considering when fitting an awning. Do you want it for shelter or shade? ARB make a fantastic clip in sealed room in several sizes which mean you can set the awning as a living space in hot or wet weather. On it's own, the awning provides shade if you're lucky enough to be somehwere sunny, but very little shelter unless the rain is vertical
Cheers @Chris - I suspected that 2.5 would be too long, whilst it will “fit” there would be quite an overhang at the front. That’s why I was after some pics / experience from others. Was debating getting a section of pvc downpipe and cut to length to get an idea of how it may sit. Was also concerned that the overhang might be a week point.

Yes I’m looking at 2.5 pull out length, that seems to be fairly standard. Initially it’s for shade, but may opt later for the sides, currently looking at the ARB awnings as they appear to have that as an option and other manufacturers “rooms” are also reported to fit as well.

Like the look of the aluminium framed one, but only available at the longer 2.5m length but from what I’ve read the canvas covered ones appear t have a good write-up, and replacement bags can be bought at a later stage if needed.

Have a roof rack so shouldn’t be an issue mounting as should be able to fabricate brackets to suit.
I have a couple of the generic pull outs and the ARB room fits them no problems at all. The ARB room is the cheapest on the market. Oddly. The Direct4x4 one and the Tuff Trek in particular are over double the price.

Now I can't promise you, but I do have a 2m x 2.5 and the ARB room which I might sell - should you be interested. I don't want to and I'm not puching it, but I've just put a Batwing on my trailer and it has sides so I've no real use for the other combo anymore and my unit is filling up with stuff!