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  1. Daniyal Tahirkheli

    Zelena the LC80-- '93 HDJ81 from Pakistan

    Hi!! Greetings from Pakistan, this is my first thread... ever! tbh... '93 LC80 nicknamed Zelena is my first project. bought in Dec 2017 in completely stock form. The below pic is from the first few days :) Over the past 2yrs all the mods done to date have been budget mods on a very tight...
  2. Jeremy Madden

    Hello All!

    Jeremy 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser (Lucy Blue) Bought as a play thing Wants to be around forever All that I have done to it is add new tires and replace the replace the belt 243000 plus miles as the Speedometer stopped. LOL! I have purchased a new pigtail and sensor but something seems to be the...
  3. B

    Arkana specifications

    Hi forum members - I have been trying to find specifications for 1993 Arkana 14 seater bus. Can anyone help point me to where I may find this information? Seem to be coming up with no detailed information to assess. Looking forward to some guidance and pointers for reliable information to...