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  1. sam89

    Gturbo options for 1HD-T

    Gday all, Looking for anyone with experience in running either the grunter extreme or bad boy turbos on their 1hd-t. Im currently in process of converting my old 1hz 105 to a 1hd-t and am keeping alot of bolt ons as it already has a radius fab custom ls1 airbox and hpd fmic and a Gturbo Bad...
  2. StarCruiser

    Intercooler adapter elbows on eBay

    Just found this. I know it’s in Oz and it’s not cheap but I cannot see this being made as a one off unless you’ve got the workshop to do it for less. Nice looking item too. They are available for the 24 valve...
  3. danakittilsen

    Canadian HDJ81 moving to Europe

    Your name: Dana Kittilsen Your Cruiser: A 1991 HDJ81, 330 000+ km on the 1HD-T Mods on your Cruiser: 2.5" suspension, 35" tires, snorkel, cellular remote controlled webasto, Vinyl wrapped, 90L aux tank, converted to run on used vegetable oil, front bumper with winch, rear bumper with 80L slip...
  4. lockie

    my story; removing the cylinder head 80 series 1HD-T

    well let me start by saying, what i did this weekend was (what i thought) slightly beyond my mechanical knowledge. So you may have to excuse me... i might not be calling certain parts by the right name. And why was i removing the head you might ask.... for the past 4-5 weeks i've noticed that...
  5. Crispin

    1PZ, 1HZ, 1HD-T engine repair manual 2016-05-11

    Service manual for said Land Cruiser Total Pages 348 Preview Page: 1 Preview Page: 2 Preview Page: 3 Preview Page: 4 Preview Page: 5 Preview Page: 6 Preview Page: 7 Preview Page: 8 Preview Page: 1 Preview Page: 2 Preview Page: 3 Preview Page: 4 Preview Page...