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2h motor

  1. D

    Can you turbo an old 2H?

    Hey everyone. Just new to modifying my old 60s with 250000kms. I have heard conflicting advice about putting a turbo on it. What information or experience do people have that i could take on board. Beyond this what can i do to maximise my power and get it running its best before i consider a...
  2. Toy45

    Hj 45 2h mods

    Hey guys new here Just picked up a 1980 hj 45 in aus, has the 2h 4speed manual in it, few mods i would like to do and all the help and info would be appreciated 1. Powersteering wat to use? 2. Install automatic transmission wat to use? 3. Turbo kit? Engine has been rebuilt. Guys if u can...
  3. A

    60 Series Idling

    Hi just wondering what other peoples HJ60 2H motors Idle at, i think ( I accidently broke my tachometer :( ) mine idles at around 700-800rpm.