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4.2 fte

  1. teckays

    Help wanted to investigate some issues

    Hello everyone and glad to be here on this forum. Roughly one month ago I bought a '02 LC100 with the 1HD-FTE engine and there are some problems I would like to get help investigating. Obviously I will visit a specialist but first I would like to know your opinion on that. So here they are: 1...
  2. bigmac

    1993 LJ78 Engine Transplant to 4.2 auto

    Looking for advise & guidance on converting my Lj78 2.4lte auto engine... Im looking to put in the landcrusier 4.2 engine... looking to pick all your brains on this, as the 2.4 engine is just not up for the job... Can it be done & pros n cons ?