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  1. D

    Help, we have 30 cm of snow and my LJ70 4x4 high not engaging

    Hi , I have a 86 lj70 ive had a look and searched the forum but havent really come up with the answer , mine has manual locking hubs , 4 wheel low and 2 wheel drive high changeable by the lever by gearstick , my problem is the 4high button located on the right of steering wheel isnt functioning...
  2. Surfy

    Travelogue: Offroad 4x4 trip in Thailand by rental car

    We had a wonderful off-road adventure in Thailand. It's been quite a while, but while rummaging through my data I stumbled across photos and our travel diary - and have incorporated this into a travelogue. The country offers a lot, apart from fords, rivers, dusty and muddy tracks. We were there...
  3. kraken76

    Toyota Land Cruiser 76

  4. Toyota Land Cruiser 76

    Toyota Land Cruiser 76

  5. E

    My work mule

    My name is Egor, I live in Charlotte, NC. Just wanted to share few pics with you guys, and see what you think. All stock, 90k miles, no rust, 26mpg. Just drove it from Jacksonville, FL to Charlotte, NC. =400 miles and I still got a quarter tank of diesel left. Its not a race truck, it is not...
  6. A

    Advice required on better grip in snow - keep getting stuck!

    Anyone know why I'm struggling to get good grip in the snowy conditions. May be me being completely thick for thinking that my LJ70 would have no problem in light snowy conditions but I keep getting stuck! Had to get pushed out of a carpark that had about 6 inches of snow on! Bit embarrassing...
  7. CJBNomad8654

    HDJ-80 with 1HD-FT from Oxford to Cape Town

    We are building up a '97 80-Series with the 1HD-FT engine so we can navigate the ancient, but civilized European landscape in order to reach and cross the arduous and austere African Continent The purpose? To bring hope to the hopeless, healing to the broken, and to motivate others to dream, to...