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60 series

  1. yromero98

    Land Cruiser Heavy Duty Repair Manual ( Chassis and body) Pub. No. 36262E

    This repair manual has been prepared to provide information covering general service repair for the chassis and body of the TOYOTA LAND CRUISER (Heavy Duty). Applicable models: FJ 62, 70, 73, 75 series BJ 60, 70, 73, 75 series HJ60, 75 series
  2. nboris3

    HJ61/62's turn signals with clear lenses

    Hi everyone from far away...Gabon! I'm new to the club.... already enjoying it. Can anyone help me find HJ61/62's turn signals with clear lenses. The ones just under the square headlights. Been searching the whole world (wide web), I mostly see those with "orange" lenses. I badly need those with...
  3. D

    Can you turbo an old 2H?

    Hey everyone. Just new to modifying my old 60s with 250000kms. I have heard conflicting advice about putting a turbo on it. What information or experience do people have that i could take on board. Beyond this what can i do to maximise my power and get it running its best before i consider a...
  4. Jethro

    HJ60 gearbox needed

    I'm looking for a replacement gearbox for my G reg, HJ 60 manual truck. Anyone know of one or know of any other trucks that would have a compatible one? Many thanks
  5. StarCruiser

    60 in need of a new home with lots of TLC

    This one’s for sale near me. I spoke to the owner who used it for his shoots until one of the beaters put it in a ditch and broke the Diff which he replaced before laying it up in a barn for 8 years. He seems realistic and says the engine and rad are good. There’s rust and dents to most panels...
  6. Robzimbo

    Cruiser owner in Africa (Zimbabwe and Kenya)...

    Hi all, My name is Rob. I live mostly in Zimbabwe, but also spend a lot of time in Kenya. I'm on my fourth LC - my first was a 1996 VX80 which I sold in 2008 with 350,000 kms on the clock; replaced with another '96 VX80 in Harare, which I drove with my family, and another family in another VX80...
  7. K

    Brake booster issues

    I have 1985 gx diesel cruiser. 210,00 tar road km. I had a booster fail and changed it over from a wreck. The failed booster had a lot of oil in, 400ml aprox and also the clutch booster had some oil. No oil was found in the pipes from the vac pump, no smear even. I cant work this out? maybe the...
  8. oding

    TLC HJ61 total reconditioning

    I bought an HJ61 last year and only had time this year to do a total reconditioning of the baby. I am just going to post some of the pics that I took while doing the surgery. I would gladly answer questions even as each pic will answer for itself. :icon-biggrin:
  9. A

    HJ-60 Glow Plug Help

    Does anybody know how to extend the time the glow plugs come on for at the moment it only stays on for about 2-3 seconds which isn't long enough, better yet does anybody know how to install a button onto your dash that you can press and hold so the glow plugs stay on for however long you hold...