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78 series

  1. AmirAndAzadeh

    78 Troopy to buy-LC70_3door-Import to New Zealand

    Greeting from New Zealand, Im looking to source a 78 series (Right Hand Drive) to import to New Zealand and build it up for world overlanding, Do you guys know a reputable exporter/dealer or reseller to be able to trust them from overseas and source the vehicle to suggest me pls? The vehicle...
  2. S

    Fuel indicator gauge

    The main fuel tank indicator seems to randomly go where it wants as I’m driving, sometimes settles at where I think my fuel is, for example if I just fill up it doesn’t always go to full it goes to half, also my sub tank shuts off and doesn’t let me fill up when I’m certain it’s not full The...
  3. C

    Hi All! I'm looking for a Troopy 45 or 78 or Dbl. Cab 79

    My 2015 Tacoma recently burned up, so I've decided to use the insurance money to buy and build out (camperize) a manual trans, diesel 78 series Troopy or Dbl. Cab 79 series. I'm on the left coast of Canada, but will look at a truck from any location. Would prefer something in the 2002 to 2004...
  4. H

    OBD in 2003 Troopy

    Hi all, first post - be kind. Trying to find out if the 2003 troopcarrier with 1HZ has a OBD port (or similar). Done a fair bit of searching around unable to find the answer. From what i can tell it doesnt have one, but thought i better ask just in case. There's nothing wrong with the the...
  5. C

    78 Series - How many rubbers for horizontal windows?

    Hi guys, Continuing on with the restore of my 78 after the hail damage. I've been looking on some online websites selling apparently genuine parts much cheaper than what I can get thru a Toyota dealer. However, when I've disassembled my horizontal sliding windows in the Troopy and laid all the...