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90's series

  1. A

    Wiring front end fog lights

    Hello everyone, I’m posting on here because I can’t seem to find a solution to my problem today. I want to wire my fog lights directly into the harness’s that come on the car originally. However I’m unable to find and adapters online which suit. Has anyone had this same problem or can give...
  2. onearpainter

    Hello from Georgia!

    Hello from Georgia! I just bought a 1996 Toyota Landcruiser Prado diesel with 257,368km on it. I'm super excited to build out my off road load out. It's Voodoo Blue and on 33" tires. Plans is to make a camper/ off roader. Just general adventure vehicle for hiking and fun times.
  3. A

    Aerial won’t fully extend and reverse camera stopped working.

    So I’ve just fitted a “42 lightbar to the roof rack of my 90’s series. Everything works as it should with the light and relay and switch etc. but I’ve noticed after first drive my aerial won’t fully extend now. And also my reverse camera no longer works through the radio screen as it did before...