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95 suspension

  1. Brecht

    Little roadtrip with my 90 (suspension question)

    Hey guys, Doing my first little roadtrip right know through germany, only a few stops because I don't have a lot of free time right know, 1300km I guess. Loaded with 2, rooftop tent, 270° awning, Dometic fridge, some kitchen stuff etc. Oh and 2 mtb on the back. The problem I noticed (even...
  2. Brecht

    Stiff ride ?

    Just done a roadbook in belgium yesterday, I really felt how stiff it was with every little pothole in the dirtroads, is this normal? My friend in his patrol y61 drove over the dirtroads over 50kmh, and I was driver as slow in seconds around 20 25kmh and still it was such a harsh ride.... Is...
  3. AntonOverland

    Overland build - tyre and suspension

    Hi, new to the forum. I have a 95 that 8 have completed one large trip in so far down to Morocco in 2019 running old standard suspension and standard 265 70 general grabber at3. The trip went well bar a cracked tank and the rear suspension sagging but know I have the want for something a bit...