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  1. Tjhuntt

    1995 KZJ78 (RHD) A/C Capacity???

    Anyone know the official R134a capacity of the 1995 KZJ78 Prado. I found a home-made document on a different forum that said 900 +/- 50 grams. Is this accurate? Any pics of the sticker under anyone's hood? My sticker was removed when repainted.
  2. Tjhuntt

    1995 KZJ78 (RHD) Prado Air-Conditioning ISSUE

    Bought vehicle in winter time and never tried the aircon. Shipped vehicle to the USA and tried aircon this summer. Noticed that the clutch would NOT engage no matter what. Had a half can of R134a and decided to put some in. All of a sudden, the clutch kicked on while parked in my garage. I put...
  3. Brian L

    Air con makes car rattle

    Next thing to sort out is a rattle from the exhaust that happens when the air con is on, the air con pump turns off and on when switched on, there is a slight rattle from the pump like the bearing is going but anyone any ideas why the engine starts to vibrate more causing the exhaust to go...
  4. J

    A/C Clutch not Engaging

    OK folks, I can see that this topic has been touched on before but the threads have not solved my issue. The scenario is thus: 1993 80 Series Land Cruiser: A/C Magnetic Clutch is not engaging when A/C button pressed. Cannot find Magnetic Clutch Relay. The Magnetic Coil has been replaced and...
  5. Justin_Elliott

    Aircon - R12 to R134a, worth it?

    When summer finally arrived I realised that my aircon has stopped working, so took it down to my local garage for a recharge and it appears its a little more involved... Firstly the system was Empty (a 'full recovery process' retrieved absolutely ziltch) and my system is R12 (its a '93, so about...