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  1. Brian L

    Air con makes car rattle

    Next thing to sort out is a rattle from the exhaust that happens when the air con is on, the air con pump turns off and on when switched on, there is a slight rattle from the pump like the bearing is going but anyone any ideas why the engine starts to vibrate more causing the exhaust to go...
  2. J

    A/C Clutch not Engaging

    OK folks, I can see that this topic has been touched on before but the threads have not solved my issue. The scenario is thus: 1993 80 Series Land Cruiser: A/C Magnetic Clutch is not engaging when A/C button pressed. Cannot find Magnetic Clutch Relay. The Magnetic Coil has been replaced and...
  3. Justin_Elliott

    Aircon - R12 to R134a, worth it?

    When summer finally arrived I realised that my aircon has stopped working, so took it down to my local garage for a recharge and it appears its a little more involved... Firstly the system was Empty (a 'full recovery process' retrieved absolutely ziltch) and my system is R12 (its a '93, so about...