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  1. P

    Colarado wheel caps

    Hi I have a 90 model year 98 with one plastic centre cap for the alloy wheel missing and the other 3 cracked where they screw to the alloy. The part is discontinued - it is large in circumference and stands well proud of the alloy Any replacements out there?
  2. Dan_the_drifter

    Thoughts on those steel wheels on ebay... Or any aftermarket 16's!

    As everyone knows the wheel selection for a 100 series is quite erm, dismal to say the least! I was trawling through e-bay as you do and saw these 'JOHN RED 16X8' steel wheels and just wondered if anyone has a pic of them fitted, interested in possibly swapping my tyres over onto a set as my...
  3. N

    On Offer 5x Land Cruiser Alloys 16inch

    Hi Guys We are relocating back to SA and I have these alloy rims up for grabs looking in the region of about £120.00 but obviously am open to offers please let me know if you are interested. I bought them a couple of years ago but then never got round to putting them onto my Collie. Drop me a...