Thoughts on those steel wheels on ebay... Or any aftermarket 16's!


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It's my birthday!
I am in uk
Oct 4, 2018
As everyone knows the wheel selection for a 100 series is quite erm, dismal to say the least!

I was trawling through e-bay as you do and saw these 'JOHN RED 16X8' steel wheels and just wondered if anyone has a pic of them fitted, interested in possibly swapping my tyres over onto a set as my wheels have been re-furbed in the past and would probably sell fairly easy. They do a set in et30 which would bring them out nicely as the stock wheels look a bit lost in the arches and are about et60 if I remember correctly.

Here's the link:

5 rims would come to about £470 which is definitely more than I want to spend but was curious if anyone else has changed out their wheels to better/wider offset 16's. Plus without seeing them the steels may look s**t and be poor quality.

Thanks in advance,


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Feb 2, 2013
South Wales UK
They all come from China me thinks and if quality was an issue all would suffer the same , I've bought 4 sets of different steel wheels so i feel reasonably confident in saying quality isn't an issue .

IFS suspension i have found likes a big offset and aesthetically , while its personal choice , i think black steel makes for a more rugged look .


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I am in bulgaria
Dec 11, 2018
I am interested in those as well. Very limited options for 5x150 with the right offset...


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Jun 12, 2013
I got mine from silver line, 8 inch rim with a -33 offset and very reasonably priced.
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