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  1. Surfy

    DIY Battery Setup vs Ecoflow Delta 2

    A DIY project Power Systems with 12v, Solar vs an Ecoflow Delta2 - which solution is better? It is not easy to compare, because both solutions have some advenate/disadvantages. Both variants did come with LiFePO4 and will have after 3000 Cycle times arround 80% capacity, the ecoflow and the...
  2. hayk

    What battery?

    I recently bought a '98 HZJ-105 (glamor shot below ;)) and have a question re batteries. PO had installed two Bosch S4 027s (70Ah, 630A CCA) that are beginning to die, took the car to a mechanic today that suggested fitting two Varta G8s (95Ah, 830A CCA). Isn't that unnecessarily overpowered...
  3. A

    Battery Reconditioning

    Hi All I was wondering if anyone had tried one of these course and reconditioned a car battery. They Look very interesting. Could save some money.
  4. 1998 KZJ95 Chris

    Flat Batteries - charging issue?

    Having an issue with my KZJ95. Dual battery set up, not enough juice to start after work today but jumped with 12v jump pack on the driver side battery. I had been driving around all day on and off and thought id just not left it long enough running to recover, but it didnt start again once id...