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  1. mitalm

    Denison Gateway Lite BT Bluetooth A2DP CD Changer GBL-8520-81 Toyota Lexus T01

    Denison Gateway Lite BT for sale. This box allows you to connect to the CD changer input of your car and turn it into a bluetooh input for music and calls. I install this on all my cars that don't have it installed from factory. The connection is seamless when you start the car and all steering...
  2. W

    2015 Land Cruiser Purchase Advice?

    Hello All I am looking at a 2015 Land Cruiser with about 25,000 mile on it as a possible purchase. Considering the mileage and model year the price looks way too good. What should I be looking for? I've done a VIN check, Carfax check. Both look OK. Service bulletins for this model year...