2015 Land Cruiser Purchase Advice?


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Mar 24, 2018
Hello All

I am looking at a 2015 Land Cruiser with about 25,000 mile on it as a possible purchase. Considering the mileage and model year the price looks way too good. What should I be looking for? I've done a VIN check, Carfax check. Both look OK. Service bulletins for this model year show a lot of problems with Bluetooth, GPS and similar electrical problems. Any thoughts?



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I am in uk
Oct 7, 2014
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Go and have a look at it WC. Don’t dont don’t be tempted to buy one sight unseen with a seller only too happy to deliver it for you. These usually don’t materialise or aren’t what you thought they were. If everything checks out, check service history which it surely must have at 3 years old and make sure everything works. Everything. Test drive it on road and test all lockers work IN A STRAIGHT LINE in a car park or such. Flashing locker lights mean they aren’t engaging. Make sure all lights on the dash show on key position 1 and that it has all the keys you want as these could be expensive to replace. Rust shouldn’t be an issue but look underneath to check it’s as good as a 3 year old car should be. Look for any fluid leaks or split CV boots. Check the AC and find out if it’s been recharged recently as this may mean it won’t hold gas for long.

This info is generic as there’s not much accrued info on here on the 200 series. Is a Bluetooth issue actually going to put you off what is otherwise a good vehicle? If it’s a private sale so much the better as you can ask the owner all the questions you want to.

Good luck with it and Post up some photos once you’ve bought it.
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