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brake light

  1. 7

    Stuffed brake lights and yea...

    I have a 75 series land cruser ute and for some reason the brake lights aren't working they just stopped one day replaced the bulbs in the brake lights the tail part of the lights work but not the brakes I not sure what fuse the brake lights are on I have replaced the stop fuse and the tail...
  2. hamzahc

    1989 LJ70 - Replacement tail lights, experience with LEDs from China?

    I'm looking at changing out the rear lights on my 1989 LJ70 so that I can get the brakes and indicators working on the wings rather than the bumpers - and thought it would be good to try and upgrade to some more powerful LEDs. I haven't found any options apart from these from China. Has anyone...
  3. T

    LJ78 roof brake light fix

    Hi I am trying to fix the roof brake light of my LJ78 Prado. Has anyone done that successfully? I have searched for the screws to open it up but couldn't find any. Thanks Taimur