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  1. S

    An 'is this amount of rust OK' thread...

    Hi all, Looking for an 80 and have found a couple which looked OK from the outside but MOT history revealed a long and bitter battle with rust... As a former defender owner I am quite aware of what damage rust can do to a car, and I think I'm right in saying that in LCs body rust is a bigger...
  2. B

    Chassis Cleaning

    Hello everyone, Only recently discovered this site. Really enjoying reading through all the 90 threads. I have a very good lwb Colorado 3.4 V6 which has a solid but slightly crusty chassis. I would like to use a wire wheel attached to a drill to clean off the surface rust before painting with...
  3. Crispin

    40 series Chassis Body 1980 2016-05-12

    40 series Chassis Body 1980 Total Pages 851 Preview Page: 1 Preview Page: 2 Preview Page: 3 Preview Page: 4 Preview Page: 5 Preview Page: 6 Preview Page: 7 Preview Page: 8