clutch issues

  1. F

    1990 Land Cruiser 70 series SWB - clutch not fully disengaging

    Hello. I’m hoping to get some help and suggestions in regards to an issue I’ve been having with my truck that’s seeming very hard to isolate and fix. Please note: the issue is intermittent. It doesn’t occur every time. Usually about one in every three times. When I’m driving and start to slow...
  2. Jovilisi Qioniwasa

    Dealership problem or riding the clutch

    My uncle brought a new Land Cruiser Prado in the 2012,in the year 2018 the clutch started slipping so he went to the dealership and fitted or they had done something to overcome the slipping problem, within the year 2019 his clutch slipped 3 times with those 3 slipping accidents he took his car...
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