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  1. spnk

    SOLD: 90 Series Tilt Altimeter Gauge

    For sale an original 90 series tilt altimeter gauge. Fully working, but the wire misses the mother plug (the one that goes in to the father plug underneath the passenger airbag). A new wire costs around 20 eur / gbp / usd, depending on where you buy it from, hence the asking price. You can also...
  2. J

    Colorado 3.0 engine for parts.

    May be of some use to someone.
  3. H

    Sound insulation

    Hi I hope someone can advise me. I am new to Land cruisers and have a question - when I drive at say 50/60 miles per hour I have a lot of wind noise - I cannot feel the wind just hear it. Anybody have the same problem? What is the solution if any? Thanks Hugo