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  1. StarCruiser

    Toyota Red Coolant

    There's been many mentions of Toyota Red Coolant on lots of threads. I finally found an explanation on Youtoob of different coolants, Toyota Red even gets a mention. Ok the video was offered, in fact I’ve managed to watch several of this guys videos and they all seem to be informative. I say...
  2. P

    Coolant loss help please

    Hello all. I picked up a '97 3.0GXTD Colorado yesterday which I knew it had "some" coolant issues but a later discovery by complete chance I found a post on a different forum by the previous owner "nice chap!" that the "some" loss was about 5ltrs every 50 miles driving! He has had the vehicle...
  3. S

    flushing coolant on V6

    Hi, first time poster here, as is common, I have a problem....:oops: Had a radiator leak that dumped the coolant out the rad, stripped everything down and found small hole where transmission cooler rad had been rubbing and worn small hole. Repaired rad and tried to flush through as per...
  4. S

    Unknown Contaminant in Radiator

    Hi Everyone, I've got another bit of a puzzle with my Land Cruiser that I'm hoping someone here can help me reason out. A few days ago, I went out to my truck after having a short (15 mile) drive home from work to find a mysterious collection of puddles beneath it. The fluid didn't look like...