flushing coolant on V6

snowy1998 Nov 24, 2013

  1. snowy1998

    snowy1998 New Member I am in great_britain

    Hi, first time poster here, as is common, I have a problem....:oops:

    Had a radiator leak that dumped the coolant out the rad, stripped everything down and found small hole where transmission cooler rad had been rubbing and worn small hole.

    Repaired rad and tried to flush through as per service manual but no matter how hard I try to flush water through it doesnt seem to come out the centre of the engine as suggested.

    I havent messed with the side drain plug on engine yet as it seems a bugger to get to, but that shouldnt stop the flow through should it?

    I am scratching my head a bit to be honest. any pointers appreciated
  2. Shayne

    Shayne Well-Known Member Guru

    IIRC there was a post about this and the system was fully drained from the side of the engine ?
  3. jonnyboy54321

    jonnyboy54321 Well-Known Member I am in great_britain

    Can you remove the thermostat? Cold water flush will keep it closed...
  4. snowy1998

    snowy1998 New Member I am in great_britain

    good point.
    Put some hot water in and fired engine up for a few seconds to get a bit of temp into it and managed to drain drain through a lot more liquid, refilled with about 7 litres of water altogether.

    Does this sound about right to repeat and try again with a 5L toyota red concentrate I have and 2L water.

    Read it should be about 10 litres in total (I have my rear heater bypassed at moment)
  5. grantw

    grantw Well-Known Member Supporter

    You should try and drain from the side of the engine to make sure you get everything out .. I'm sure this will be easier than everything you're currently going through.

    Check your service manual but the toyota red coolant (at least for an 80) is mixed at 50/50. You should also be using de-ionised water. Oh and if there is green coolant in your system apparently it's a big no no to mix these .... so make sure everything is out if that is the case.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2013
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