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  1. M

    Warning dashboard signals??

    Anyone? What are these lights? What do they mean?
  2. fittus

    KZJ70 Restoration with new GRJ71-Body // Old Speedometer@dashboard - Suggestions?

    Hi, our KZJ70 restoration project is taking shape and soon we will made the wedding of the KZJ70 chassis with the new GRJ71 body :)) The construction year of the KZJ70 is 1994. The old mechanical speedometer dont't fits in the new GRJ7x dashboard (see pictures). Is any out there, with an...
  3. K

    Fuse blows when putting in revers gear ?!

    Hi guys! Little issue here with my 80s 4,2L 1992 I went for beach driving this weekend and washed the under body with high pressure water just after to remove sand and salt. Since that, every time I put the reversing gear: A/C, ventilation and dashboard indicators ( speed, oil pressure...
  4. V

    Radio Removal LC3, LC4, LC5, Prado (2003 to 2009)

    A year ago I had to remove my CD player from my 2005 LC4. I looked online for any useful videos / tutorials but couldn't find any. This weekend I had to remove my CD player again - so this time I filmed it! I've posted the vid on YouTube here - The video shows...
  5. T

    Dash board removal to get a junction box and central locking relays

    Has anyone ever removed a dashboard in a 100 Series. I am after some info I have a 2002 100 series that the central locking has stopped for the lock unlock is working ok. I have come to the conclusion that the junction box on the passenger side has got water in it or something making the lock...