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diff oil

  1. M

    1995 75 series diff oil

    Just woundering what diff oill i should use for my 1995 75 series rear diff. And also whats the capacity of it. Cheers
  2. Mucha

    Oil specs suggestions for Transfer case, differentials.

    Hey guys. I’m new here:blush: I need help with the oil change suggestions. I have a 2005 Prado TZ (fully imported from Japan) with 5VZ-FE & auto transmission. My problem is that the car didn’t come with any manuals as it’s an auctioned car + I couldn’t find any service manuals everywhere here &...
  3. M

    Where is the front diff level plug ?

    Help ! this may sound like a daft question but where is the filler level plug on the front diff ? is it the nut on the front bowl ? Also what oil would you recommend i use ? Thanks ps not sure if I put this question in the right place i have a 4.2 vx amazon r reg :)
  4. Matt Wright

    Oil seal problem? Looking for second opinion..

    Hi all Mary Christmas etc.. I rebuilt the front axle a couple months ago under the stewardship of Chris and it was in purrrfect condition. The truck then did a few hundred road miles and then spent 2 months locked inside a container. I noticed yesterday that there is a lot / blobs of cv grease...