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  1. Safamark

    4.11 and 4.10 Ring and Pinion Ratio

    Hi all, In my haste I’ve bought a 4.11 ‘US Standard’ ring gear and pinion. I was after a ‘Nitro’ 4.10 setup but the suppliers were all out of stock untill at least July 2022, so I just had to buy the closest ratio I could get. Is there any reason why this won’t work ? I’ve read somewhere...
  2. B

    HELLO :-) Need Help! - looking for 70 series OEM chassis CAD file

    Hello Everybody, Looking to fabricate and add to my Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series chassis - and I desperately need the CAD file - where can I get it? Thanks! Benjy
  3. Mucha

    Oil specs suggestions for Transfer case, differentials.

    Hey guys. I’m new here:blush: I need help with the oil change suggestions. I have a 2005 Prado TZ (fully imported from Japan) with 5VZ-FE & auto transmission. My problem is that the car didn’t come with any manuals as it’s an auctioned car + I couldn’t find any service manuals everywhere here &...
  4. Saffe

    LSD on my LJ70?

    Hello all, I would like to know if the 1990 LJ70 with round head lights (2-LT engine) has standard a LSD differential on the rear. I've got a hunch that my LSD doensn't work properly anymore or maybe I even don't have one. Is there also a way to modify the differential so I can "easily" lock...
  5. Drakaz

    Blinking diff

    Hello, heres the problem, differential lamp is flashing in the dashboard, so our land cruiser allways uses all wheels, we know the problem is that black box near the transfer case (name might be wrong). But we dont know how its called in english, we even dont know proper name in our language...