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engine replacement

  1. J

    105 new engine - ceramic pistons

    G'day members - I'm on my second 1999 105 series GXL manual. I love the vehicles. At 190cm and110K find it so comfortable and non of that beeping crap etc etc! I had to sell the first when I was out of money - big mistake as it was mint. The one I have now the engine blew after I'd had it a...
  2. G

    90 series prado v6 engine replacement help

    Hello guys I’m new on here, my names Daniel. Just wondering if any of you guys would know if the engine can be replaced without removing the gearbox on my 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser prado v6 3.4, also any tips and tricks to remember before doing it thank you any help would be much appreciated.
  3. 2toyotas

    120 3.0d 1kd engine

    Mine went and cracked a piston, cars to valuable to scrap, 2005 3.0d 1kd LC5