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fuel consumption

  1. thestud

    Supercharger problems

    looking to buy a 4.5 supercharged petrol. Its around 230,000kms, wondering if anyones had any issues with slapping a supercharger on + how much it'll effect longevity and reliability. And if anyone has any fuel figures - I'm guessing around 20-25L/100 with a lift and bigger tires. Cheers
  2. J

    Fuel Consumption

    I knew the 200 series petrol V8 was thirsty, but 18.75 ltrs/100kms? I'm not even hammering it. I love it, but it's keeping me broke. Is there any mods I can do to improve the economy? It has 148,000 kms on it and is due for a timing chain according to the book.:puke-front: