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Jan 22, 2015
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I knew the 200 series petrol V8 was thirsty, but 18.75 ltrs/100kms?
I'm not even hammering it. I love it, but it's keeping me broke. Is there any mods I can do to improve the economy? It has 148,000 kms on it and is due for a timing chain according to the book.:puke-front:
Have you looked into tunings chip or ecu remapping .
I try to keep it simple to start with. What tyre pressures are you running? That can make a difference. Also may be worthwhile disconnecting the batteries for 10 minutes and see if the computers reselt to default parameters which may give better running. The quality of the fuel you are putting in could be a problem as well. i always try to run the 95 octane fuels or 98 if i can't get 95 octane. Also maybe the 02 sensors in the exhaust are faulty and giving false readings and causing the engine to burn more fuel. Maybe worthwile looking into when they were last changed.
Hope this is of some benefit.