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fuel filter

  1. NewfieLover

    Hello and a question about Fuel Filter construction.

    Hello everyone, I have been lurking on this site for a while and downloading all the manuals and reading advise that is already on the site. Following instructions my details are:- My name: Tina My Cruiser: 50th Anniversary LC100 Mods on my Cruiser: None Plans for my Cruiser: Just to look...
  2. LC.KSA

    Diesel Fuel Filter

    Good Day Club Members, I watched a couple of videos on YouTube recently on how to change the diesel fuel filter on the 200 series in an attempt to do it my self. So I went and bought the correct fuel filter by part number to install it. However, One of the points they mentioned in the videos...
  3. Bmonck

    Portable fuel filters

    hello all Has anyone found a better portable fuel filter than the Mr. Funnel filters from the Usa? Here is the link to the company website. This looks like a fairly simple system and cheap way to protect the engine when on out of the way travel...