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fuel system

  1. Toxicmasculinity

    Intermittent Sluggishness 1997 HDJ80 1HD-FT

    Looking for some advice on the best way to diagnose some intermittent sluggishness I've been having. I drive my '97 HDJ80 most days and sometimes it pulls like a train and other time is struggles a bit. I believe it might be a fuel pick up issue as I've noticed when driving up hill sometimes...
  2. james ryan

    New Owner.... struggling!

    Hi Everyone, Bought my 1977 FJ40 back in early Dec but handed over to a garage to do some 'priority' work after having it inspected before purchase (undercoat, seat mount moved back - I'm 6ft4). On pick up had fuel issue that still has not been resolved. When collected from garage told it...
  3. J

    Fuel Consumption

    I knew the 200 series petrol V8 was thirsty, but 18.75 ltrs/100kms? I'm not even hammering it. I love it, but it's keeping me broke. Is there any mods I can do to improve the economy? It has 148,000 kms on it and is due for a timing chain according to the book.:puke-front:
  4. S

    Drivability Issue with '86 J70

    Hello! I just joined these forums. I got a technical question, and I hope this is the right place to ask. Recently, been having a problem with drivability of my J70 diesel . I'll try and do my best to explain: Whenever I take an incline, something greater than 20 degrees, I lose almost all...