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  1. crano

    Fuel Tank Airlock

    Hi I have fitted a LRA 86 litre auxiliary tank to my LC76....Filled up at Mt Dare and struggled to fill it...diesel trigger just kept clicking as if full but was empty. Back home on the east coast and I still have the same issue...20 minutes to fill 67 litres...?? any ideas? crano
  2. Peewee

    fuel gauges are all over the place

    HZJ79.... fuel gauges are all over the place. Main is full but gauge moves between full, half then back to full. Sub says just above empty but it's at least half. I have removed the sub sender and it reads full when it's out of the tank...... Are the two gauges on the same circuit? Is there a...
  3. L

    KZJ 73 - Priming fuel / bleeding not working...

    Finished putting everything back together and went to prime the system. No amount of pumping on the fuel filter pump seems to work. I decided to change the filter as I had one and I wanted to see the state of the diesel. It was -17c last night and -10 as I was working today. No problem...
  4. Z

    Fuel smell coming from engine - FJ62 89'

    My FJ62 has a pretty strong fuel smell coming from the engine compartment. No visible fuel leaks. What could be the problem?
  5. S

    Fuel gauge stuck on full.

    Hi all, Can anyone help me out. Just wanted to ask around before i started pulling things apart. My fuel gauge is stuck on full (main tank), it would be great if that meant my fuel tank magically filled itself with diesel but not the case. I have found the fuel sender and when i unplug it...