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  1. Ricky_UK

    5 Speed box

    All, Looking for advice or the pro's and cons of upgrading to a 5 speed gearbox for my FJ40. I'm new to the Land cruiser arena and want to make sure i'm making the right moves and decisions as i work through the project. I've read online that people tend to use the H55F or the NV4500. Does...
  2. M

    Persistent Gearbox Leak

    Hi All, I have a persistent oil leak which is coming from the front of the gearbox on my 1990 HZJ75 Troop Carrier, H55F gearbox. I've now pulled the gearbox 4 times to try and find the source of the leak and fix it. the leak is showing up at the bottom of the bell housing. So far I have...