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  1. GrahamR

    HDJ100/1HD-FTE Turbo exhaust flange

    Hi guys (and girls if there are any on here?), I'm trying to source a suitable (preferably stainless) 3 hole flange (yes yes... queue dirty jokes) for my 100 series turbo. I've ordered an exhaust from Oz and it's got the 4 hole flange on the dump pipe... Apparently all HDJ100's over there have...
  2. D

    Hdj100 engine power surging

    Hey guys ive got a 100 series landcruiser I need help finding a fault. Ive got a hdj100 with a 1hd-fte manual transmission. Ive got a problem when i drive over bumps the engine cuts in and out. Sort of feels like engine surges. It also does it if i change gear a little bit to hard and make the...
  3. D

    2000 Model 100 series..HDJ100R

    How many Kilometers is to much..I have 630 000 K's and have not yet touched injectors..if the cruiser doesn't blow any smoke and the fuel economy is still good, should I be happy to press on with pushing her to a million k's..And yes I get what preventative maintenance can do but the 100 series...