Hdj100 engine power surging


New Member
I am in australia
Jul 2, 2019
Hey guys ive got a 100 series landcruiser I need help finding a fault. Ive got a hdj100 with a 1hd-fte manual transmission. Ive got a problem when i drive over bumps the engine cuts in and out. Sort of feels like engine surges. It also does it if i change gear a little bit to hard and make the car jolt. I have already checked all my earth and even changed earth cables. Pump and injectors only have 10k on them. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks


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I am in norway
Mar 7, 2010
Oslo, Norway
Just found this old thread. No replies and not even a:
Welcome to the club.
I guess the peeps were waiting for you to head over to the "Introduce Yourself" area.
Did you get anywhere with the problem with the engine cutting out?
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