1. D

    Faster heater anyone?

    Unsure if this has been posted on the forum before but it may be of interest? Yesterday I was working on a Renault van, whilst looking around under the bonnet I noticed a device in the heater inlet hose. It is basically a small alloy block that held four diesel engine glow plugs. Anyone...
  2. T

    Heater-Demister help

    Hi guys Not sure where to start with this-never had any experience with my heater. It has never worked. Does anyone have any diagrams that will help me to understand how it should work on a HJ47. I can see the pipes under the bonnet and a box under the dash but things are a little disconnected...
  3. R

    100 series ca it heater problems

    Need help my 100 series has a problems with the cabin heater heater works fine if ambient temp about around 8 c if any colder the heater stops working , water pipes etc still hot , elect diagram shops an external ambient temp sensor but have not been able to find this to test it, has anyone...
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