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  1. C

    Help needed ASAP 80series low pitch vibration under load

    Hi Team I have a vx80 1990 4.2 manual I towed my boat off the beach the other day with the centre diff lock engaged now it has a low humming vibration under load mainly around 90 kph if you hold the throttle stable on it is a noticeable low tone vibration but doesn’t sound like it’s comeing...
  2. Z

    Need help with finding online store to buy brake calipers

    Hi, i desperately need to find a onine store that has new brake calipers for my truck, i usually shop through roughtrax but the caliper is out of stock and is a few weeks away from being back in stock and i need to get my truck back on the road as soon as possible. If anyone knows about any...
  3. F

    Land cruiser overlanding newbie needs help!

    Hey guys, The last weeks I was checking out the whole internet for a Landcruiser which will fit my budget and does the stuff I need it to do. I´,m a 24 years old german who is gonna stay the next 2,5 months in Capetown. My plan is to buy a Land cruiser, customize it and travel with it all the...
  4. Ratfarmer3000

    HZJ 79 gearbox

    Hey guys, I’m new here. I bought a Hzj79 2003 1hz with an aftermarket turbo. I’m fairly simple when it comes to working mechanically but I’m keen to learn. The Ute has 250xxxkms and I’m having issues with the gear box. It’s crunching when going into second although if I shift with care it...
  5. I


    Just joined the fold (after years of misery with the ‘green oval’ brigade) and now the proud owner of a 2001 5dr Collie D4D Changing the old tyres to a set of 265/75r16 Cooper SST Pro and now sorting a set of steel rims, but completely confused myself on what offset I need. I’m thinking 16x8...
  6. S

    Lacking power in my 92 FJ 80

    I recently bought a 92 lancruiser and right away I am having issues.. it seems to be lacking some serious power, it’s struggling uphill and is taking a long time to get up to speed/accelerate ,even on the highway.. for starters the speedometer is off by about 10 mph .. I had a new tranny put in...
  7. B

    Can you identify the year of this fj just by these photos

    Can you identify the year of this fj just by these bad photos or at least an estimate. Thanks
  8. C

    Uneven cab/broken mounts???

    Hey guys, New to the forum. Just seeing if brains trust has any ideas. I’ve checked over my chassis, spring mounts, shock mounts bushes and stuff and everything seems ok at a glance. The issue is that the cab is leaning if you will to one side/lower on the drivers and higher on the...
  9. H

    Alternator change electrical problem.

    Hi guys (and maybe girls)! This is my first post to a forum, so apologies in advance if I have placed this thread in the wrong place. My problem starts with my 100 series Landcruisers alternator holding less voltage than usual; signifying that it needs to change. Everything else was working...
  10. J

    Hey Everyone! I just bought my first landcruiser project!

    Hey everyone! I have just purchased my very first landcruiser project! Its a 1985 BJ73 Toyota Land cruiser MWB It has 449 000 kms on the clock and still drive like a beast! However, it has some issues, like anything thats 35 years old! It has some rust from where the FRP TOP has leaked...
  11. Z

    Help to fix center cup holder/storage box

    Hi all, I am having an issue with the center cup holder lid. Usually, you press it down and it pops open. However, when I did this the lid seemed to slid off the metal bracket that moves it up and down. I found two small screws that hold the top piece together, but I cannot figure out how to...
  12. Adamwag

    Hdj79r uk import help

    Hi all, a few month ago my MY04 hdj79r arrived in the uk imported from aus, just getting round to getting it registered and just wanted to know from anyone who also has done the same, was it relatively straight forward to register? Got my V55/5 arrive in the post this week, do i need also a CoC...
  13. S

    Fellow Cruiser Lover

    Your name: Sarah (A.k.a Sari) Your Cruiser: Landcuiser FJ80 1FZ-FE, FJ60 2H and FJ62 3F Mods on your Cruiser: Snorkel, Side Steps, long range fuel, winch bar, roof racks and awning. Plans for your Cruiser: 1FZ-FE is being converted to auto, however, mechanic has lost parts to the flex plate and...
  14. james ryan

    New Owner.... struggling!

    Hi Everyone, Bought my 1977 FJ40 back in early Dec but handed over to a garage to do some 'priority' work after having it inspected before purchase (undercoat, seat mount moved back - I'm 6ft4). On pick up had fuel issue that still has not been resolved. When collected from garage told it...
  15. Newguy100


    I'm new here, and mainly looking for advice. My car was destroyed a few months ago in hurricane Micheal that hit Florida and I've dragging my feet looking for a replacement. I've finally landed on getting an 02-06 Land Cruiser. This car might see a trail once or twice a year when my wife and I...
  16. M

    Hi from England

    Hello chaps, I'm single mum of 3 kids and two dogs n a cat! being an NHS, I don't earn enough to have a luxury of buying new cars but I want a safe reliable car for my mum family especially my lives in inverness. My friend from work told me that yota land cruiser is the car for my budget of...
  17. Mr_Red

    Episode 1 of 'What's wrong with my LandCruiser?'

    For the past 6 months I have been the proud owner of a 1995 HDJ80 and this is the first car I have ever actually owned (not counting driving mum's Nissan Micra to work about 8 years back). Having spent 11 years on a farm, it has certainly seen it's share of hard work. Long story short, this...
  18. M

    Hot and steamy cruiser - A/C MacIver repair (advice) 105 series

    Hi guys can I get your thoughts on something? So my car a/c doesn't work. and well.. its getting hot in Australia and im leaving in a week for a long road trip into even hotter regions. I took it to the mechanic and they said they couldn't work it out but all the sensors are good its gassed up...