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Jul 9, 2020
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Hi guys (and maybe girls)!

This is my first post to a forum, so apologies in advance if I have placed this thread in the wrong place.

My problem starts with my 100 series Landcruisers alternator holding less voltage than usual; signifying that it needs to change. Everything else was working superbly.

I take out old alternator and replace it with new one. I put back everything together and turn the ignition; were I am met with a dashboard with no lights, central locking and power windows not working.

I thought I had no juice in batteries, so tried hooking them up to my van via jump leads, still no electricity.

I realised however, when I turn the ignition to on, I would a faint whirling sound. This made me try to crank the engine, and voila it works.

The engine works and revs, but there seams to be no sign of electricity in the dashboard, windows and locking. The car also does not drive when I put it into D, but does reverse.

I have checked all fuses and they’re all fine.

I am truly stumped at what to do. I read online that you need to do certain procedures to Toyotas after reconnecting the batteries, but could not seam to find such instructions for the 100 series.

I apologise for the long message. Just wanted to give full insight to those who might have the answer.
If all was working before maybe you have assembled incorrectly, poor connections at the alternator or shorted the alternator live wire while working on the car.
Are both batteries in good order?
Yes both batteries are a few months old and allow the engine to start so I’m assuming they’re good. There’s only 2 connections for the alternator; I shall recheck them.

How does one short out the alternator live wire? As I didn’t really interact with much electrical systems during the job.

Thank you for your help btw :)
How does one short out the alternator live wire?

By touching the body or another grounded bit of metal with it.

Were the batteries disconnected when you did the job? If so, you wouldn't get a short.
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